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Summary0000002: Renaming Foals
DescriptionWhen you breed a foal, you're able to rename the foal from "foal1" to whatever name you decide, after renaming the foal you shouldn't be able to continue renaming it (without a renamer item anyway) however, it allows you to rename it as many times as you like.
Steps To ReproduceBreed a foal,
then /h name foal1 <name you want>

Then just do /h name foal1 <new name> again even if you've changed its name already and it'll keep updating its name from whatever it already was

This also works with other foals, like foal2, foal3, etc.
Additional InformationWith how it works with the other plugin, I believe (from what I've seen anyway) once you rename foal1 to something else it'll erase that name completely. So, if you were to claim another foal with the original foal1 still there but renamed already, the new foal would be called foal1. The numbers would only ever get higher if you didn't change the name of foal1, meaning the next foal would be foal2, etc.

Not sure if that's helpful but yeeeah
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